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  • 6' x 8'

  • 7' x 8'

  • 6' x 10'

  • 7' x 10'                                           

Available Sizes:
Available Capacities :

30,000lbs. - 80,000lbs.

16" Lip Standard

18" and 20" Lip Available

  • Quick Start-Up Operation

  • Reduces Load Cycle Times

  • Increases Climate Control

  • Infinite End Load Access

  • 12″ Above and Below Service Range

  • Full Hydraulic Powered Deck and TELESCOPING-LIP

  • Raises Vertically for Easy Clean-Out and Safe Maintenance Access

  • Allow Overhead Dock Doors to Close Down to the Pit Floor

  • Flush Storing Increases Floor Space for Cross Traffic Operation


Telescoping-Lip Dock Levelers

Telescoping-Lip dock levelers offer the same security and energy efficiency as a vertical dock leveler by letting the dock door close to the pit floor. It extends its lip straight into the trailer with only a slight raise of the deck.

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