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Available Sizes:
  • 66"

  • 72"

  • 78"

  • 84"

Available Capacities :

20,000lbs. - 35,000lbs.

15" Lip Standard

17" Lip for Refrigerated Trucks Available

  • "Lift Free" Levelers make operation of the leveler smooth and easy

  • Operation is a simple 2 step process. Just pull back on the handle to lift the unit and push forward to extend into trailer

  • Operating range of +/- 5" above and below dock level

  • Eliminates extreme bending, pushing, and lifting associated with old style Edge of Docks

  • Placement of the lifting bar keeps dock attendant in safest position to operate Edge of Dock

  • Automatic return to stored position once the trailer departs the dock

Made in the USA

Mechanical Edge of Dock

Mechanical Edge of Docks bridge the gap between the building and truck where a minimal variance exists between dock and truck.

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